Refund PolicyRefund Policy

Refund Policy

Sometimes customers sign up and forget to cancel their free trial in time, leading to a charge automatically occurring at the end of their trial. If you have any questions or issues with the scraper, we’re quick (in a few minutes, depending on your timezone) to respond over email or Telegram.

Our Policy on Bank Disputes

Some customers have done credit card chargebacks without first attempting to cancel their subscription on their payments dashboard, or without emailing us to cancel and refund it for them.
If you file a dispute with your bank without first attempting to contact us (and thereby providing us the opportunity to fix the situation internally) we will be fully rejecting the refund.
This is due to the administrative overhead (on top of the additional payment processor fees associated with managing bank disputes) is much higher for us compared to handling the refund internally.
Please contact us over email first for refund related inquiries.

I didn't cancel my trial in time, can I get a refund?

We initially considered a no refund policy, but mistakes happen. We do offer refunds however because our payment processor charges us fees for every transaction, plus additional fees for chargebacks/refunds, we refund up to 50% back as of October 2020. This may change in the future and this page will be updated accordingly.