Kairon Labs

LinkedIn Scraper Startup Stories Episode 2 – Kairon Labs
LinkedIn Scraper is doing a marvelous thing right now by including a variety of companies and finding out how they started their businesses.
The interview begins right away with Alex talking to Jens Willemen. He’s the CEO of Kairon Labs and comes to the podcast from Belgium. At the time, it was 2 a.m. in Chicago, making it 10 a.m. in Belgium.
They jump right in with Alex asking how Kairon Labs got started, what Jens does, and to find out more about the prospecting efforts for the company.
Jens Willemen believes that Kairon Labs is a unique company because it provides services for digital asset issuers. In a sense, these are cryptocurrency companies that issue their own created tokens or coins.
Kairon Labs is there to create algorithms that make everything more efficient and allow the crypto companies to branch out into other markets. The proper term for this is called market making. It’s not just for digital assets, either. Traditional financial companies also use it. This means that your favorite stock, such as Apple stock, is being market made by financial institutions. In a sense, the company has many developers who work on the formulas these startups and established businesses need.
At Karion Labs, we take the same approach as traditional financial companies and apply it to the crypto markets. That is, essentially, what Jens Willemen does through the company and has been doing it for a few years. In fact, the company is three years old. Therefore, in the crypto world, it’s actually an old company, Jens claims.
LinkedIn Scraper then leads in by saying that he has heard that Bitcoin is a scam. This gets Jen Willemen laughing. He says that he’s heard that too, but he isn’t sure. Then, he continues laughing while saying that if Bitcoin goes up, then he’s a winner.
Now, Alex goes into a backstory about who Jens Willemen is. LinkedIn Scraper helped him in 2018 for a project. They met at a cryptocurrency conference in New York. Throughout the years, they stayed in touch. Alex claims that Jens is a great and smart person and is working on some amazing things. He then asks how Jens got Kairon Labs started.
Jens says that there was a significant need for trading services in the crypto market. In the past, the company tried to invest in ISOs. That’s where all the hype was at the time in 2017. There was plenty of money to be made, which meant everyone was pouring money into the crypto startups. When you invested in them, you got tokens or coins in return, which was an excellent marketing tactic. The issue became when you tried to sell those tokens on the market. It was difficult to sell them and earn money from them. If you tried to go in and sell $50,000-worth of your investment, you inadvertently crashed the price. Then, you ended up lowering your own profits because you dumped yours on the market.
There wasn’t a buyer for them, but Kairon Labs solved the problem, believing there to be a solution. Jens Willemen talked to his friend Mathias Beke, who was an enterprise architect at a financial institution in Belgium. Mathias was convinced to help by creating things for the crypto market and ultimately became the cofounder of Kairon Labs.
Alex then goes on to ask about the daily life and operations at the company. He feels that people probably don’t know much about what they do and how they work.
Ultimately, Jens works at the business end of the company as a sales navigator. He talks to existing clients and potential customers. He manages what he calls the boring stuff, which includes cold email marketing, b2b lead generation, and the like. Mathias focuses on the ‘smart’ stuff. He’s updating the software and platforms, monitoring the client’s contact data, configuring algorithms, and such.
That’s the day-to-day thing, but there are two other men who build trading strategies for the back-end.
The interviewer goes back to what Jens called the ‘boring’ stuff and asks if it’s innovative to focus on the sales end of things.
Jens laughs and then goes on to say that it all depends on how it’s looked at. With the right tools, efficiency is possible, and it can be an excellent activity in which to engage. He says that he had many problems at first because he’s not a prospector, so he had to find out his best solutions by trying different methods.
Now, Alex switches gears. Since Jens is new to the game of email marketing and LinkedIn, what did he do to get new business and prospects?
Mainly, Jens was going to conferences, he claims. He could hop on a plane and go anywhere, speaking to people. There was a simple website, which drew in a few people that they converted into clients. It was all very simplistic.
Alex goes on to ask what other efforts have been made by Jens and the company about email marketing before he and Jens started working together on the LinkedIn Profile Scraping tool.
Jens says about a year ago, he tried email marketing, where they took a lot of contact data from Market Cap, which houses most of its client information. Therefore, it was easy to get all of that information. Then, he contacted each person by email but didn’t get the results he desired. He goes on to say that it was a very negative experience, but one that taught him a lot. In fact, he believes that they didn’t execute things properly for it to be a success.
Of course, the interviewer then asks what Jens sees for the rest of 2020 in regards to Kairon Labs and its prospecting efforts.
Jens says that they are using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator more frequently. He believes it to be highly efficient, allowing for hybrid targets if you can use the search terms. Jokingly, he says it’s similar to rocket science, but he goes on to say that he’s learning very fast. Of course, he’s also using the Chrome extension to scrape all of the data.
LinkedIn Scraper then asks if this is Jens’s first time going at the extension through the Sales Navigator and what his experience has been.
To explain, Jens says that they tried to use a competitor’s product called Snow. It was much more expensive, and you were limited as to how many scrapes you could perform. Since the LinkedIn Scraper offers unlimited scrapes, it is a much better SaaS (software as a service). There’s also extensive customer support, which is appreciated by Jens as he learns the tool. This workflow automation allows him to be more productive.
Now, LinkedIn Scraper asks what’s next for Jens and Kairon Labs. He’s not so interested in prospecting now but wants to know where they’re going for 2021.
Jens says that he hopes the crypto market is alive and flourishing still. Going into 2021, that’s definitely a factor to consider since it is a special niche. He believes that the market is going to evolve a lot during that time, so he thinks the company is going to expand and grow from where it is right now. Kairon Labs is hoping to hire a few more people within the next six months. That way, the company is scaled even more and becomes even bigger. Jens believes that they’re doing the most appropriate thing for the company, as it provides a valuable service. In fact, the market confirms this because its sales are rising with each passing month.
Alex goes on to say that if Jens needs tips for his prospecting needs, talk to Dawson or himself. Then, he asks Jens if he has any other questions or remarks. Along with that, he asks where people can find Jens.
Jens Willemen says that anyone who is interested in crypto making services can go to the website Kaironlabs.com. It has all of the information you need to get started.