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Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you have any limits?
LinkedIn Sales Navigator rate limits you at 1000 profile views PER SEARCH QUERY. To combat this, our users typically segment their search across separate cities/geographies to continue scraping beyond the initial 1000.
For example, search anything, but be sure to include a geographic region. Once you scrape that entire list, change the region and keep going. You will be able to do 1000+ daily with our tool.
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Will I get banned from LinkedIn?
We've used this same scraper code internally since 2018 (prior to commercializing it in 2020) we have never had issues with being banned from LinkedIn. Additionally, as of October 2020 none of our 4000+ users have reported being banned.
You are at greater risk of being banned by using cloud-based scrapers (e.g. a remote server logs in as your account and does the scraping) because in the case of thousands of user accounts logging in from a small number of IP addresses (cloud-based scraper servers) it looks suspicious when compared to client side implementations like our Chrome Extension (meaning that all of our users login from their own legitimate and unique IP addresses.) This is similar to normal LinkedIn user behavior.
However if you are still concerned about being banned then consider the following best-practices:
  • Splitting up your scraping throughout the day (Scraping a batch of 250 profiles, waiting a bit, then scraping another batch of 250, etc etc.)
  • Scraping no more than a total of 1000 profiles per day
  • Not running other LinkedIn automation while you are scraping
  • Not browsing LinkedIn on another tab with the same account.
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I didn't cancel my trial in time, can I get a refund?
We initially considered a no refund policy, but mistakes happen. We do offer refunds however because our payment processor charges us fees for every transaction, plus additional fees for chargebacks/refunds, we refund up to 50% back as of October 2020. This may change in the future and this page will be updated accordingly.
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Can I close out my window after starting a scrape?
You'll need to keep the window open when you run your scrape. If you minimize the tab or close out your window, it will pause the scraping. Google Chrome is programmed to halt background activity when it isn't active in order to save energy and compute resources on your computer for other tasks that are active.
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I keep getting error code 404
The Chrome Extension doesn't cause 404 errors on LinkedIn. Try disabling your other Chrome extensions to scrape and try again.
I can't download my results from my History view
  1. Try disabling your pop-up blocker as this will prevent the download window from opening
  1. Try updating your computer or Chrome browser as this will prevent you from downloading your contacts
I finished scraping and I don't see my results saved!
Some other Chrome extensions will interfere with saving results. Disable your other Chrome extensions and try scraping again.
I'm seeing an error that shows the LinkedIn page has expired
This happens when a tab crashes, which is a Chrome browser issue, not a LinkedIn website issue. Because this is a Chrome bug, you might need more RAM in your computer. Try closing out other applications in the background while running Chrome. The less tabs you run on Chrome, the easier it is for your computer's memory management.
It says my cache is full, even after clearing the cache on Chrome
Click on the History button in the Chrome Extension, and delete your previous scrapes to clear your cache
Press the checkbox that appears on the right when you try deleting to confirm. Upgrading the user interface to simplify this process is in progress as of October 2020.
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I have symbols/emojis in my LinkedIn username, does this cause any errors?
Our tool grants access based on the username of your account. If you have emojis or symbols, and you aren't able to scrape, please reach out to us and we will manually adjust this in our system for you.
I'd like to see all of the information from the profile that I scrape, even their previous employment info
If you download as a CSV you will only see their current information, if you are interested in their previous work history or other niche information - alt/ctrl click while pressing the download icon. If you are having issues with this, please let us know in the community chat.
Exported file has nothing but "Control" written in it
There’s a rare bug on some profiles (we’ve only seen it a few times in the last couple years) that causes this. Technically speaking, there is an issue with the first search result at the top of your search results page that the scraper gets stuck on. The solution: do a new search query that would not have the first lead (which is causing the issue) to be the first lead of your search results page.

Who's on the Team?
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Alexander V. Pavlovcik (Developer)
Founder & Principal Consultant at Inventum Digital, Inc.
Tech Startup Consulting
Chicago, United States
Proven excellence in navigating complex emerging technology environments, with two decades of design, a decade of entrepreneurship, and a decade of software engineering experience.
Alexander has developed a large body of intellectual property such as design-forward, modular aeroponic farming systems, and a virtual-reality (VR) based, pre-habilitation protocol for the world's first human head transplant. His revolutionary work has been published in the U.S. government's number-one database for peer-reviewed medical research, PubMed.
Alexander’s work has been featured on the New York Times, DailyMail, Nature World News, Sky News, The Independent, Complex, and PubMed.
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Dawson Allen (Marketeer)
Founder & CEO at Alpha Mail Media LLC
Outbound Sales Enablement
Orlando, United States
Knowledgeable email marketer and deliverability expert with extensive experience in contact data procurement and it's application to outbound sales enablement.
Known as "Doctor Deliverability" from his years of creating and implementing outbound email solutions for hundreds of happy clients in dozens of industries, Dawson brings hands-on experience and understanding to the obstacles and nuances faced when sourcing & applying contact data.
Dawson excels in roles that require tenacity and on-the-fly problem solving. Being an innovative thinker with a knack for developing creative solutions to complex problems.
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