Email Content and Deliverability

Email Content and Deliverability

Does email content affect deliverability? We believe so. In all our years of providing mass email services, we’ve noticed a trend among our test emails. Those that are relevant to the recipient always wins. The relevancy of your email content is an important factor that decides whether your email will land in the recipient’s inbox or SPAM.
Here are some good practices to create good content for excellent email deliverability.

Your subject line matters

According to OptinMonster,69% of recipients report email as spam based on the subject line. This is the first thing they see and they decide this immediately. If your subject line contains anything remotely spammy, or irrelevant to the receiver, you’d most likely end up in the SPAM folder quicker than you can say email deliverability. SPAM filters also do the same thing. Ultimately, a good subject line is going to affect your email deliverability.

Avoid spam triggering words

It’s very important to avoid spammy words anywhere in your email -be it on the subject line or the email body. Email Service Providers keeps a list of spammy keywords in their algorithms in order to filter your emails. Autopilot app lists a few suspect words such as Free investment, Free money, Get paid, Home-based, Income, etc. Even a single spammy keyword like these can affect your email deliverability.

Have a good blend of text and design

A good visual content produces the best conversion, but it is likely to hurt your email deliverability. An email with too much HTML content looks spammy not only to the recipient but to the service provider. At the same time, readers don’t like walls of text emails. To have the most effective balance of both, the best practice is to maintain 60:40 Text to HTML ratio.

Avoid too many links

Apart from the message itself, the main point of most emails is to redirect them to links where the conversion takes place. However, using too many links in a single email pulls the attention of the ESP and defaults your email hit the SPAM folder. having too many links affects your sender reputation score and email deliverability.
Keep track of other additional links which include email tracking links. The tracking link is usually blacklisted by various ESPs, which has a direct impact on your email deliverability rate.

Personalize it!

Personalized emails tend to have 29% higher open rates than others. That’s obvious; since everyone loves to be addressed personally. Furthermore, increased email open rates eventually improve your email deliverability and your conversions.
Using an email automation tool like SalesHandy helps the sender to add personalized merge tags. This improves your email deliverability and brings your email goals much closer.

Use business accepted text formatting and color

Text formatting plays a crucial role in enhancing user engagement.  Writing a subject line in all-CAPs triggers spam filters. It’s recommended to write as if you are sending a message to your friend. Also, while composing the email, don’t use multiple colors as it is a bad practice; it decreases your email deliverability.

Create user engagement

If your email has great deliverability, your recipients will still mark your emails as SPAM if the email content is not relevant to them. So, it is very important to create engagement around your emails to avoid getting reported as SPAM. Refer to the following best practices to generate more engagement.

Segment your Email Lists

Segmenting the email list is one of the best practices to be followed. You need to categorize your recipient list according to the types of prospects. After that, you should send relevant emails to your recipients. It might be possible that the email content you send is relevant to a marketer but not to a recruiter. In such cases, a recruiter might SPAM your email, which you don’t want.
It is also suggested to remove recipients from your segmented list if they are not replying to your emails and follow-ups. If your emails are irrelevant, then they might be spamming it. Ultimately you want to maintain your sender reputation score and improve email deliverability.

Add an unsubscribe link

Adding an unsubscribe link in your email campaign is mandatory as per CAN-SPAM laws. If a recipient wants to opt-out from your emails, they look for an unsubscribe link. If they don’t find one, they’re highly likely to report your email as SPAM. Getting SPAM reports is more detrimental than getting unsubscribed. An increase in spam reports is going to directly decrease your email deliverability and domain score. Your domain might get blacklisted after frequent SPAM reports from your recipients.

Use a persuasive subject line

Using a persuasive subject line tempts the customer to open the email and have a look at it. It is a beneficial psychological factor that affects your email deliverability.
Subject lines like “Here’s a Quick Way to start selling your product” or “The PERFECT traffic platform?” creates a temptation in the recipient’s mind and make them open the email.
Deceptive email subject line like adding “FWD:” or “RE:” at the beginning of the subject line forces the sender to mark SPAM even if he reads the content.