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Dawson and Alex, who are the creators of the LinkedIn Scraper had an interview with Jesus Calderon, the founder of 3D Jesus about story and his experience with the scraper.
Check out the discussion below.
Fun fact: Jesus and Alex co-founded their first company together in 2014.

About 3D Jesus

Jesus kicks things off by talking about the various offerings of the 3D Jesus. These include services, such as motion graphics, visual effects, and music videos on the creative side of the spectrum. There are also architectural type services, such as renderings, CAD models, blueprints, etc. Product development services are also a part of the mix, and these include CAD files and STL files for 3D printing. AR and VR services are recent additions, and they have been very popular with his customers.
While the groundwork, such as designing Instagram filters, and doing VR mock-ups is outstanding, getting new business with B2B marketing was just as necessary, and it was not initially getting the kind of focus it needed. Jesus saw that the said groundwork was best left to additional hires or outsourcing providers, so he could dedicate the sort of attention that was required to get new customers. This is where the LinkedIn Scraper comes in.
He began 3D Jesus following “the great crypto crash” of 2018 that turned quite a lot upside down. Luckily, it was the beginning of a fantastic venture. That’s because Jesus’ primary skill was working with 3D applications. Things progressed smoothly, but he soon realized that business development needed more focus than he was providing.

Involvement with 3D

Jesus had been doing 3D since his time in high school. However, he started taking it seriously during his time as a sophomore at DePaul, where he studied physics. He was a part of a video editing course that would change the course of his life. A keen-eyed professor realized that his work was terrific and pulled him out of the class to let him know about it. The professor also advised him to look at it as a potential career path.
He began to weigh his prospects here. Does he go after the potential glory and possibilities that come with diving into the fantastic world of quantum physics, or does he go with being a film major? What a decision this was. Clearly, he went with being a film major (the obvious choice).
So, the switch wasn’t so clear cut, because he then needed to decide what part of being a film major he’d go with. VFX stuck out to him, and he also discovered the beauty of motion graphics. It may be mainstream now, but back then, it wasn’t popular at all.

Meeting Alex and Starting Out

Jesus’ uncle had a tequila company and they were doing promotions at various clubs around Chicago some of which at the time Alex did nightlife photography at. After seeing Jesus editing a video with the company’s brand before class, Alex inquired, and the two got to talking and became friends. It seems that one should never underestimate the ability tequila has to bring people together.
The friendship bloomed, and by the time the two got to their final year of university, they were discussing forming their own company.
Jesus then went on to talk about his attempts to apply to various production houses. When you look at the kind of work he’s known for today, it’s hard to imagine that they all denied him. He never wavered though because he knew the standard of his work, and he was acutely aware of the fact that it was good enough. Therefore, he needed to get his start another way.
He had a discussion with Alex, and the two decided to go into business together formally. If only they could find a name for the company, then things would be set. They did manage to find a name after three days, which was mostly due to finding a domain name that wasn’t taken.
Inventum Digital was born. It started as a digital agency and evolved over time to include other areas. The good thing is that both Alex and Jesus nurtured their own specialized skills during their time working together.
While he couldn’t jump into the details, Jesus hinted at some crazy adventures that he had with Alex to get things going. Marketing is always a requirement, but imagine sneaking into conferences that were meant for people who paid thousands of dollars for tickets to get potential clients and contact data. It worked well, though, since they found their first client that way.

Business Development and LinkedIn Scraper

Alex inquired to see what Jesus’ experience was with the LinkedIn Scraper. Jesus indicated that B2B lead generation is not straightforward, where the medical industry is concerned. Such a market makes the lead generation process difficult unless he does the outreach himself.
The problem is that these businesses want a designer to get something done, regardless of if it looks like “A Bug’s Life” or the first “Toy Story” movie. There seemingly is no effort put into sourcing the best 3D talent, and then clients are unhappy with results.
Thankfully, Jesus’ time with Alex made him see the beginning of the LinkedIn Scraper’s development in its rudimentary form, which allowed for contact data additions and cold email marketing. Of course, growth continued past the contact and cold email functionality, and it is now a fleshed-out and commercialized Chrome Extension.
This is super useful to Jesus now, since he can easily use it to scrape would-be prospects’ contact information to start his B2B engagements. A lot of this process used to be manual for him, so having that level of workflow automation made a world of difference in his outreach efforts.
One of the best parts according to Jesus is the affordable pricing scheme. Jesus indicated that any comparable alternatives were not priced very reasonably.
Alex indicated that the scraper offers unlimited LinkedIn profile scraping, which is not something that competitors offer.
Jesus uses ClearBit for his contact enrichment efforts, and the workflow is seamless, as he can pull the data from the scraper and feed to ClearBit. The speed also stuck out to him compared to other tools, and apparently, he isn’t the only one who thinks this tool is the fastest. Alex and Dawson ran a beta test, and the testers praised the speed as well.
The speed and the other features gain it an endorsement from Jesus as he states that “it just works.” He thinks that also applies to enterprise scale businesses much larger than his.
If you’re interested in Jesus’s work, you can find him at the3djesus.com or on Instagram instagram.com/3d.jesus.